final animaticThis is my part of the final animatic, this is part three of a four part animation depicting a story describing the life of a person with autism, the original audio track had a man, whose job was to care for autistic people, giving his observations of autistic people, looking at how they think, work and communicate.

After some experiments with editing the track, we decided to cut the soundtrack up so that it changed from a linear story to a jumpy, elastic, eccentric piece that any person who had not heard the original would not understand it at all, it is with some study and in depth analysis that a person would understand the meaning of the track, which itself is quite clear, in that we cut it like this to portray the same thinking pattern of and autistic person.

In parts of my  animatic, i have mirrored this theme, in the way that the images you see move swiftly, showing bold, bright colours. The way i cut the scenes is very similar to the way we cut the audio track.

Overall i think that the animation works well in portraying the subject or the theme. the only downside i have on my animation is that my drawings and and objects are very bland and show little heart or enthusiasm.